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          1. 医学研发(病理研究方向)英文简历模板

            Donald Jobs
            (+86) 138-0013-8000
            Brown University
            Providence, RI Expected Graduation May 2014 with Honors
            Bachelors of Science in Biology
            3.53 GPA, 3.63 Science GPA
            Relevant course work : Burden of Disease in Developing Countries, Emerging Microbial Diseases, Immunology
            Teaching Assistant in Genetics Fall 2009, Fall 2010 and in Vaccine Development Spring 2011
            Center for International Health Research
            research intern
            Providence, RI Summer 2013-present
            Worked under Principal Investigator Jonathan Kurtis and Post-Doc Dipak Raj
            Characterizing of pediatric Plasmodium falciparum blood-stage malaria vaccine candidate early in its development
            Tested validity of validity of candidate using enzyme linked immunosorbent assay and growth inhibition assay
            Identified polymorphism of vaccine candidate across five parasite strains
            Creating knock out parasite to determine if candidate essential for parasite growth
            Compiling results and writing senior thesis on these experiments
            PROJECT HEALTH
            Hasboro Children’s Hospital Providence, Summer 2013
            Recruited clients in children’s emergency room
            Helped to connect low-income families to basic resources such as child care, housing options, food stamps
            Followed up with clients weekly until they no longer required Project’s Health’s service
            Royce Sport and Society
            Lake Victoria Region and Nairobi, Kenya August 2013
            Shadowed and assisted sport and development worker
            Examined how sport can be used as a means for youth empowerment and improve health outcomes in both urban and rural settings
            Global Alliance to Immunize Against AIDS
            Providence, RI and Bamako Mali, Summer 2012
            Researched knowledge attitudes and practices surrounding tuberculosis in peri-urban slum Sikoro
            Developed, gained approval and performed survey to evaluate efficacy of NGO peer-educator program 
            President of GAIA at Brown Fall 2009
            University Keystone
            Providence, RI 2013-present
            Led group discussion of a group of seniors looking to expand their thesis research outside of academia to a larger audience
            Recruited speakers to come in and speak with University Keystone
            Sport and Society
            Providence, RI 2013-present
            Organizing events, movie screenings and discussions around how sport can be used as a means for social change
            Varsity Cross Country
            Women’s team captain
            Providence RI, Fall 2013
            Planned team events and served as liaison between coaches and athletes
            Named Fall 2010 Academic All-Ivy Team Member and most valuable player on Brown women’s cross country team
            peer advisor
            Fall 2012-Present
            Guided a group of freshman each year in making academic decisions and transitioning to college life
            March 2010 
            Pischel L., CaplowJ., Chokshi B., TounkaraK., Berthé M., Aboubacar B., BougoudogoF., De GrootA.
            Tuberculosis knowledge attitudes and practices in Mekin-Sikoro, Mali. Abstract and Oral Presentation. International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease conference. March 2010, Orlando, FL
            journals paper
            Spring 2010
            Pischel L. “Re-Evoltion”: One Receptor’s Impact on Evolutionary Theory
            Triple Helix. Brown University Local Article. Spring 2010. Pg 20-22.
            journals papers
            SKILL SET
            Languages: Fluent in French
            Technical: Competent in ArcGIS, photoshop and STATA; MS Office proficiency in Word, Powerpoint, Excel
            Laboratory: Can perform basic molecular biology and immunology techniques such as PCR, ELISA as well as can culture malaria parasites, perform growth inhibition Assays and DNA extraction from parasites.
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