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          1. 医学研发通用英文简历模板(突出技能)

            Donald Jobs
            No.67, Lane123 Job Road,, Job District, Shanghai, 200070
            (+86) 138-0000-0000
            Research/Writing: conducted literature searches using PubMed and MEDLINE for independent research project; wrote clear and concise lab reports
            Oral Communication: communicated well with researchers and physicians in a variety of lab/health care roles; worked as a Sales Representative for two years
            Database Management/Administrative: effectively managed patient records and maintained a patient database in a busy medical clinic 
            Honours Bachelor of Science, Biology/Psychology
            University of Toronto Mississauga
            Evaluation of New Electron Impact Sources for GC/MS
            Independent Research Project, Biology Department,  University of Toronto Mississauga
            Conducted research literature searches using PubMed and MEDLINE
            Maintained lab notes, entered data into MS Excel and prepared monthly updates for Research Supervisor 
            Worked with minimal supervision to carry out reactions, collect data and analyze samples
            Received a grade of A+
            Summer 2012
            Research Assistant
            Biology Dept., University of Toronto Mississauga
            Demonstrated a project on a novel biochemical marker, Chitotriosidase, to identify potential cases of Gaucher Disease 
            Evaluated and compiled journal articles summarizing relevant assays to develop entire protocol for enzyme assay
            Used protocol to test 150 serum samples among three age groups and determine local reference values for each age group based on normal enzyme activity 
            Techniques used: serum collection, buffers and chemical preparation, produce standard linear regression curve, and enzyme activities were determined by Spectrofluorometer (Kontron SFM 25)
            Administrative Assistant
            Oakville Medical Clinic 
            Book appointments, manage the patient database, and prepare billing in a busy, multi-service medical clinic 
            Screen patients in-person and over the telephone; when appropriate, refer to external resources for immediate physical and emotional care 
             Biology Club, University of Toronto Mississauga
            Attended different events to share ideas with others and learn more about the field of biology 
            Helped organize an event called “Options in Biology,” as part of a fiveperson volunteer team, to highlight the successes of alumni working in the sciences; over 50 students attended the networking event
            Summer 2012
            Patient Volunteer
            St. Michael’s Hospital 
            Engaged patients in conversation and provided them with their meal plans in a friendly manner 
            Assembled patient charts carefully and ran errands to assist hospital staff; commended by staff for being efficient and thorough
            Reading scientific journals, volleyball, travelling, canoeing
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