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          1. 医学临床研究英文简历模板

            Donald Jobs
            No.67, Lane123 Job Road,, Job District, Shanghai, 200070
            (+86) 138-0013-8000
            Johns Hopkins University
            Baltimore, MD
            Bachelor of Science in Public Health Studies (pre-med)
            May 2014
            Minor in French Cultural Studies
            GPA 3.75/4.0
            La Sorbonne
            Paris, France
            Fall 2012
            Cours de Civilisation Fran?aise (Study of French Culture and Civilization)
            Medical Assistant, Contemporary Women’s Care
            Smithtown, NY
            Summer 2013
            Entered patient information into computer system using OmniDoc Software
            Arranged room and prepared patient for doctor visit
            Measured blood pressure, computed height and weight, and administered urine tests to patients
            Drew blood and requested laboratory analysis of tests given to every patient
            Assisted with and observed procedures including: colposcopy, hysteroscopy, IUD insertion/removal, cryo ablation, and punch biopsies
            King Edward Memorial Hospital Pune
            India (NGO)
            Summer 2012
            Department of Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, and Surgery
            Volunteered full-time in the Neonatal ICU, Children’s Ward, Labor Room, and Operation Theater
            Researched the social, clinical, and economic aspects of about 100 different patients and their families over the course of one month
            Obtained hands-on experience in pediatric surgery including: anesthetics, dressing, and suturing
            Trekked to neighboring urban slum areas and rural villages to deliver medical supplies
            Participated and contributed in counseling sessions and health education programs for the rural populations served by the hospital
            Dr. David Klekotka, MD, PhD
            Stony Brook, NY
            January 2011
            Accompanied on clinic rounds during research internship
            Dr. Anna Portnoff, MD
            Smithtown, NY
            January 2010
            Observed Mohs Surgery - skin cancer removal
            Dr. Edward Lubniewski, MD
            Stony Brook, NY
            January 2009
            Month-long Internship
            Observed corneal replacement surgery and cataract removal surgery
            Project Health
            Center for Social Concern
            Baltimore, MD
            September 2010 - Present
            Collaborate with physicians and JHU to make state and local resources more accessible to the Baltimore community through one-on-one consultations at the Harriet Lane pediatric clinic
            Sirens (a cappella group)
            September 2009 - Present
            Organize concerts, schedule guest groups and create promotional materials
            Moderate reading, speaking, and writing ability in French
            OmniDoc Software, Microsoft Office Suite
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