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          1. 机械工程师英文简历模板

            Donald Jobs
            No.67, Lane123, Job Road, Job District, Shanghai, China
            (+86) 138-0013-8000
            To obtain a hands-on position developing and optimizing robots and automated production systems
            B.S. Mechanical Engineering
            Triton Leadership Certificate
            UC San Diego
            expected June 2014
            Communication and Leadership Programs
            Upper Division GPA: 3.5, Cumulative GPA: 3.36
            UC San Diego
            Relevant Coursework:
            C/C++ Programming
            Structural Materials
            Solid & Fluid Mechanics
            Statics & Dynamics
            Design Lab Techniques
            Linear Circuit Analysis
            Mechanical Behavior of Materials
            Operations System Engineer Intern
            Northrop Grumman Corporation
            September 2013-December 2013
            Contributed to teams design hardware using Matlab training to draw a schematic for equipment
            Successfully completed testing of code for phases 1 and 2 allowing for timely delivery of product to customer
            Participated in client team meetings including assisting in the development of PowerPoint presentations
            Clock/Robot Design Contest
            Engineering Graphics and Design Course Project, UC San Diego
            March 2012-June 2013
            Translated planned concepts into detailed AutoCAD designs to create unique pendulum clock
            Lead team in 3-CAD modeling, design, and construction of robot built to specific operating parameters
            Utilized industry standard tools to develop skills for design and fabrication
            Fixed inaccuracies of converting AutoCAD to Lasercamm resulting in reliable clock placing 3 of 40 teams
            Open Source Linear Bearing System
            Personal Project
            November 2013-present
            Adapting and fabricating open source aluminum extrusion MakerSlide with built in V-rail Linear Bearing System to minimize project cost and risk
            Computer Skills
            C Programming in UNIX environment, MATLAB, Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, SolidWorks
            Microsoft Office; Adobe Photoshop and PageMaker; Macintosh OSX
            Design Tools and Equipment
            Familiar with: oscilloscope, function generator, digital multi-meter, Lasercamm, logic analyzer
            Shop tools: Drill press, band saw, cordless drills, soldering iron, sheet metal shear
            US Citizen
            TESC Representative
            Society of Women Engineers at UCSD
            July 2013-present
            Active Member
            Tau Beta Pi, National Engineering Honor Society
            September 2012-present
            Provost’s Honors
            Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Spring 2013
            Excellence Award in Writing – JEO National Journalism Convention
            June 2012
            Administrative Assistant
            UCSD Career Services Center, La Jolla, CA
            September 2012-June 2013
            Sorted large volumes of incoming mail, filed transcripts, performed office tasks with minimal oversight
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