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          1. 电子类实习英文简历模板(应届生初级岗位)

            Donald Jobs
            (+86) 138-0013-8000
            JOB OBJECTIVE: Electronics Intern
            Work at least 3 days a week
            Jobs University
            Bachelor of Electrical & Information Engineering
            GPA: 3.93/4.0
            XX Scholarship
            Computer Languages: C, VERILOG
            Simulation Software: Protel, ADS
            Main Courses: Fundamentals of Mono-Chip Computers Applications, automatic control theory, Signals and Systems, Analog Electronic Circuit, digital circuit95/100, Electromagnetic Fields Magnetic Waves98/100, DSP
            Experimentation: Manufacture and debugging of FM wireless microphone , The principle and application of non balance electric bridge, Study on transient characteristics of RLC circuit, alternating electric bridge experiment
            Electronic Design Contest 
            Simple Resistance Measurement
            The design of the measuring range 1Ω-10MΩ, As the high precision
            Used STC89C55 as the data processing and control core
            Used OP07 Instrumentation amplifier voltage resistance test
            Used 12-bit TLC2543 Chip switching A/D 
            Used 12864 LCD screen on the numerical display
            This design used Protel simulation . Wiring diagram and the results show (video) see Appendix
            University Students Office 
            Student Assistant
            To complete the new entry, sorting into electronic documents, to ensure that the information is accurate
            Answered basic questions
            Conveyed information and opinions
            Proficiency in MS OFFICE: Word,  PPT,  EXCEL
            CET-6 (528)
            Love programming, photoshop, database development
            Football, basketball, F1, snooker pool and other sports events
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